Difference between latest technical buzz words – AI vs ML vs Deep Learning

There are lots of buzz words that you keep on hearing whenever you search about latest technologies.
Some of them are Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning.

Many people use them interchangeably, but can you them in place of other ?

Let’s find out and after that you should be able to use these words correctly.

What is Artificial intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning ?

Artificial Intelligence

In brief, AI tries to make computers intelligent in order to mimic the cognitive functions of humans, like the way human beings learn about something, sense, see.

So, Artificial Intelligence is a general field with a broad scope including:

  • Computer Vision
  • Language Processing
  • Creativity
  • Summarization.


It is basically enabling computers to replicate the human behavior by making decisions at run time.
For example – self driving cars, that can make decisions whether to stop, reduce the speed or change the lane depending upon the current situation.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is the branch of AI that covers the statistical part of artificial intelligence. It teaches the computer to solve problems by looking at hundreds or thousands of examples, learning from them, and then using that experience to solve the same problem in new situations.

Machine learning can be divided into supervised and unsupervised learning.


Machine learning can help in predicting the possible state of future by learning through current and past situations.
For example – many banks use machine learning to detect which credit card customer is most likely to do a fraud by analyzing the customer’s data and comparing it with other customer data, who had done some kind of fraud in the past.

The prediction is not 100% correct always, it just gives the possibility of the occurrence of the event in future based on the data from the past.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning is a very special field of Machine Learning where computers can actually learn and make intelligent decisions on their own.

It is more complex than machine learning because in machine learning we feed the data manually to the system but they can not make any decisions own their own unless provided with the correct data, whereas in deep learning computers can create an artificial neural network and make decision own their own.

In deep learning data can be more complex and unstructured as compared to machine learning.

Thank you for reading.

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