How audible motivated me to learn data science ?

I was looking to learn about data analytics but was very skeptical to signup for a data analytics course as I heard that it requires one to be very strong at statistics and mathematics along with programming.

Basically, I was not getting enough motivation to start as all I heard was some negative reviews while discussing with my peers in my office.

I have a habit of reading books on at night before sleep and I usually find my new book through good-reads. So, one day while browsing for my next book I searched for data analytics on good-reads and I found one book on data analytics with an interesting title “Big Data: How Data Analytics is transforming the world“.

So I simply logged in to and searched for the same and found out it is only available for listening at audible. I wondered how will it feel to listen to an audio book and that too not a fiction but a technology specific book.

But still I registered my self on audible and signed up for this new experience.

Listening to this audio book on audible was entirely a different experience as I was also able to take the notes on particular location and bookmark certain location which I found out to be useful.

I got to know some positives and interesting use cases of data analytics through real world examples which motivated me enough to sign up for a data analytics course to learn more about it.

What I initially found tough was now became interesting as I listened to all the good things instead of reading.

While reading a book we skip some things and misunderstood the tone of author due to which we might skip some important information. But this is not the case with audible, as the app interface is very nice and there are lot of options to take notes and bookmarks which makes it very easy to recall certain points or definitions later on.

Apart from the books, now many series have been launched on audible narrated by celebrities. So, in my opinion audible is good for each type of book whether fiction, non-fiction or text books. You should give it a try by clicking on the image below.


You will get a 30 day free trial, and they have wide variety of books. Now you can read(listen) a book while walking, driving or doing some work.

Happy Learning 🙂

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