How Data science is affecting all our life for better use!

All over the world, we are seeing a massive increase in the amount of data we record and analyze for the greater good of humanity. Here I would throw some light on how data science is affecting all our life for better use. I would like to show some effects of data science which everyone can experience in his or her daily life:

Data science in logistics


This is one of the most common examples which almost every user is experiencing. Thanks for big data, virtually everything is running smoothly. Here are few examples:

Airlines are one of the top most examples which use data sciences extensively. Airlines schedule flights, predict delays based on weather forecast and estimate number seats they are going to need for each direction based on seasonal fluctuation, latest social trend or political event. There are also mechanisms that allow them to decide on the class of planes they will need to purchase in the future.

Delivery companies like DHL, FedEx or UPS use big data to improve their logistics, leading to better operational efficiency. You can expect the delivery of your item at right the time, exactly when and where you ordered it to be.

Data science in healthcare


This is one the most important fields where data science is being used extensively. Big data powers the self-learning healthcare programs, which will be able to interpret the data for each individual patient, not only capture their age, gender and weight, but also their lifestyle, habits and give recommendations about their health

Today fitness trackers and apps already help people to lead a life that is more active, eat healthy which helps them to control their weight. There are such devices which monitor, heart rate, sleep patterns,and other vital signs that can be interpreted to serve other healthcare purposes and provide a diagnosis.

Face Recognition

About ten years ago, when first face recognition algorithms appeared in digital cameras, they would mistake all sorts of things for a human face – dog muzzles, graffiti smileys, even power sockets. Now it is fairly impossible. Why? Because of big data. Algorithms learn by consuming huge amounts of data about what is a face and what is not, what is smile and what is a crack on a wall. The process is similar to the way our own brain works. Look at the babies – first few weeks of her life, a baby will smile back to everything remotely reminiscent of a face. Then, she learns to recognize the features of family members and will be intimidated by someone she sees for the first time

I agree: today face recognition is not that big a deal. It offers you to tag your friends on social media photos; it enables goofy masks in Snapchat, Instagram and webcam programs. Lots of fun and nothing substantially useful. However, this can be a powerful tool of law enforcement in the future. Already this feature is making its way into security systems. In flagship models of modern smartphones, you may choose face recognition to unlock your device. In the future, it can helped to identify suspects and find missing persons.

There are many examples, but above examples can be easily relatable with our day to day life.

Hope you like reading this blog. I will keep posting more about data science and machine learning.

Keep reading and learning!!!!!!!

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