How I achieved 6 stars on hacker rank in 1 month ?


Having 6 stars on hacker rank is not a big deal as there are lot of programmers with better achievements, but on the other side there are still lot of programmers who wants to learn and enhance their problem solving skill for various reasons, but are not able to as most of them don’t know how to start and what to study.

As there are a lot of websites, books and courses available all over the internet, many programmers get confused with the noise all around and are not able to even start.   

I just want to share my experience so that more and more people can benefit from this and save their time from browsing the internet which is flooded with lots of data, which can eventually increase confusion.  

Getting information off the internet is like drinking water from a firehose.

– Mitchell Kapor, co-founder Electronic

My experience

This happened to me also. I always wanted to work in a tier-1 product based company so when one of my colleague got selected in linkedIn I asked him the process and skills I need to get in. He simply suggested me to sharpen my programming skills by practicing problems and suggested some websites to practice like hacker rank, leetcode, and code chef.   

I simply browsed them and signed up myself. But once I got past 10-15 questions, I got stuck and not even able to start with the brute force approach as I knew basic data structures only like array, string, linked list, and how far could I go with this knowledge.  

So after a while I started feeling demotivated. Then I thought to change my approach to learning and started reading books and explored some tutorials on DS algo topics but most of them were not organised or were not good for beginners.   

I came across many good books also, so I bought one and at that time I used to work on JavaScript and python. So I started learning DS algo in python with the help of Data Structures and Algorithmic Thinking with Python book.

The book was good for a beginner like me but since everyone has different ways of learning things. I learn better through classroom sessions or video lectures. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t benefit from this book.   

I just learn better through videos or classroom as one can ask query right there so I signed up for a geeksforgeeks self paced DSA course and it was organised in the way exactly I wanted, topics were arranged from easy to difficult along with classroom practice and contests.

So after this 2.5 month long course, I went back to hacker rank on May 11, 2020. At that time my rank was around 16,00,000 but this time I was not scared of trees, graphs, recursion topics and linked list, sorting were my favorite ones. So I started solving the questions regularly, starting with the topics that looked easy to me and gradually increased the difficulty level to keep myself motivated and on Jun17, 2020 my rank got increased to 25314.  

So I achieved this rank in approximately 4 months, if I include the time of learning.

This time I simply tried to keep myself motivated by learning new algorithms and ways of solving problems. Instead of pressurizing myself to achieve any milestone, I just focused on my learning.  

My suggestion

So, you can follow either books or video tutorials entirely depending on your way of learning but make sure to follow a single source of information in the beginning till you complete all the topics and if you find some book or tutorial not interesting, change it quickly.  

I have also made a list of topics in a sequence you should follow, entirely based on my experience.

Thank you for reading this. If you have any doubts regarding any thing, let me know.

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