Non-Functional Testing and its types

Broadly Software testing is divided into two parts Functional and Non-functional testing. Today in this blog, I will cover Non-functional testing and its types.

What is Non-functional testing?

Testing attributes of the component or system apart from the core functionality. Such as performance, usability, maintainability, portability and reliability. It helps in gaining customer satisfaction.

For example- We have a log-in page and as QA we test how many users at a single time can logged-in? This type of testing called Non-functional testing.

Types of Non-functional testing

  1. Performance testing
    It is a type of testing in which we test the performance of software under crucial conditions. Performance testing helps us to identify and remove the bugs related to the performance of the software.
  2. Security testing
    It is a type of testing in which we unmask the vulnerable aspect of the software, it helps us to protect software from malicious attacks and data theft. Security testing assures us that our software is invulnerable.
  3. Load testing
    It is a type of testing in which we determine how our software will respond under peak load conditions. Load testing helps us to verify the response time, throughput and resource utilization. Load testing is a subset of performance testing
  4. Stress testing
    It is a type of testing which in we test the robustness of software by testing beyond the default limits, Stress testing give confidence about the stability and reliability of the software under stressful conditions.
  5. Usability testing
    It is a type of testing in which we test the extent to which a software can be used by user in terms of effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction. In simple term, we can say how easily the system can be used by end-users is tested under usability testing.

The above list is non-exhaustive because there are more than 99 testing types as yet. Different types of testing that are needed to be done depends upon the scope of the project.

Please tell us about your non-functional testing knowledge before-and-after reading. I bet you’ll have something to say!!!

Happy learning. 🙂

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