An introduction to SDLC

In this blog, I will discuss SDLC and its different phases. Software Development Life Cycle is the process of different steps to be executed in order to design, develop and test high-quality software.

Importance of SDLC

SDLC interprets a methodology for improving the quality of software and the overall development process. It consists of a well-structured flow of phases such as how to develop, test, maintain and enhance specific software that helps an organisation to build high-quality software.  

For Software testing we have a separate life cycle called STLC, You can read about STLC here.

Phases of SDLC

Basically, SDLC has 5 main phases, Output of one phase is the input of the next phase in the life cycle.

Following are the main phases of SDLC:

  1. Requirement Gathering and Analysis
    This is the first phase of the software development life cycle during this phase all required information is collected from the customer so that the expected product can be built, Once requirement gathering is completed then an analysis is done by all stakeholders and senior management to check the viability of the development of a product. If any ambivalence arises then it should be cleared with the customer.
  2. Design
    Product design is produced from the results of the requirement gathering and analysis phase. Architecture, including hardware and software, communication, software design are all part of the deliverable of the design phase.
  3. Implementation
    This is the third phase of the software development life cycle during this phase Coding is done on the basis of deliverable of the design phase. This is the longest phase of the software development life cycle process. In this phase, QA starts writing test cases also on the basis of deliverable of the design phase.
  4. Testing
    This is the fourth phase of the software development life cycle during this phase the implementation is tested against the requirements.
    Unit tests and system tests are done during this phase. Any defects found are assigned to the developer to get them fixed.
  5. Deployment and Maintenance
    After QA team signs off that product is stable and ready to for delivery then this final phase comes in action and product is deployed in the production or UAT (User acceptance testing) is performed as per the guideline from the customer, Once the product is deployed in the production and customer starts using the developed system maintenance of the product is done such as bug fixes (If any occur), upgrading the application as per the compatible hardware software.

Please tell us about your knowledge of SDLC before-and-after reading. I bet you’ll have something to say !!!

Happy Learning 🙂

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