Terminologies related to software testing

Being a QA we came across many different terminologies in software testing, and many QA aspirants get confused with these terms. Benefits of using standardized testing terminologies help in better communication between QA teams.

To be a good QA, one must be aware of the testing terminologies used in day to day activities.

In this blog, we will learn about the top 15 terminologies. Let’s get started.

  1. Test cases
    The specification of test inputs, execution conditions, expected results, execution pre and post conditions developed to evaluate a particular test condition is called test cases.
  2. Test ware
    Artifacts produced during the test process such as documentation, scripts, expected results, test data environment and any additional software used in testing are test ware, In simple terms, we can say the material used for testing is called test ware.
  3. Test harness
    Test harness is a small program written specifically to test a particular module. It feeds data to the module under test and displays results. Usually, it has GUI so that the user can create data and put it under the module being tested.
  4. Test basis
    Test basis are the documents from which the requirements of a system can be inferred and test cases are based.
  5. Test Oracle
    A source to determine the expected result to compare with the actual results obtained from software under test. Oracle can be requirement specification, manual or an individual specialized knowledge but cannot be the code.
  6. Test data
    Data that is used while testing a system/module is called test data
  7. Test suit
    The collection of test cases for a system where the postcondition of one test is used as precondition for the next test.
  8. Entry Criteria
    The set of conditions for permitting a process to move forward with a defined task is called entry criteria.
  9. Exit Criteria
    The set of conditions for permitting a process to be officially completed, agreed upon with the stakeholders is called exit criteria.
  10. Test Plan
    A document which is created by the QA manager based on the inputs from the QA team that acts as a point of reference on the basis of which testing is performed by the QA team.
  11. Test report
    The test report is a document that records the results obtained from executing the test cases. It needs to reflect the testing results on the basis of which testing results can be estimated quickly.
  12. Test run
    A group of test cases which are executed as part of activity such as two-week cycles consisting of testing, re-testing, and regression testing. Each activity has their own dedicated group of test cases which is called a test run.
  13. Test Build
    Test build is a developed application for testing which is given by developers to testers for testing purpose. When a build is tested and certified by the testing team then it is launched as a release build.
  14. Requirement traceability matrix (RTM)
    The document which traces and maps requirements of the user with the test cases. All customer requirements and requirement traceability are captured in a single document. Concept of RTM is to validate that all customer requirements are inspected through test cases.
  15. Prerequisites
    The set of conditions that must be fulfilled before the module or system can be tested is called prerequisites. Also known as Also known as preconditions.

Please tell us about your terminologies knowledge before-and-after reading. I bet you’ll have something to say !!!

Happy Learning 🙂

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