UI vs UX developers : profile and responsibilities

Around a decade and a half back, the frontend developer profile did not exist and a backend developer used to work on frontend as well. Back then writing only html, css and js and providing a basic interactivity with API calls used to be the main aim.   

Need of a frontend developer

No one focused much on performance and there was no competition among the companies in terms of speed.
After the development of smart phones and increasing popularity of the internet, website owners became more concerned about the speed and performances of their website, as most of the users start browsing the internet on their smartphones and because internet speed was quite low, users were like the sites to open in a small time frame.  

So companies started to invest on the frontend part also and the need of a specialized frontend developer arose, that is how front-end developer profiles came into existence.  

Types of a frontend developer profile

Front end developer can be further divided into 3 parts:

  1. UI developer
  2. UI designer
  3. UX designer

You may find different definitions on different websites. I came up with this differentiation on the basis of my own experience as an UI developer.

UI Developer

UI developers are mainly responsible for the functionality of the website. He deals with making API calls, adding interactivity using button click events, integrating different widgets like date picker.  

A UI developer mainly works on the JavaScript and related frameworks like – AngularJs, react Js, vue Js  

UI Designer

A UI designer is responsible for converting the designs, mocks or wire frames given by the graphic designer or UX designer, into a structured web page using HTML, CSS. He mainly works with HTML, CSS and related frameworks.

He is also responsible for creating a modular structure of the web page so that site can be rendered quickly.

UX designer

A UX designer is the person who mainly works on tools like Adobe photoshop, sketch and is responsible for creating a graphical flow for a website.   

He is responsible for creating the wire frames or mocks according to the modern styling and which should also be achievable by the UI designer at the same time.  

Which one is better ?

All three profiles are very popular nowadays and you will find vacancies for these profiles in every company who works on website domain. But UI developers are more popular as compared to the other two.   

A UI developer deals more with coding and writing business logic in Javascript and due to the development various frameworks in Javascript, which allow developers to follow write once and use anywhere approach, a need of UI designer is very low as compared to a UI developer because one HTML page can be reused many times till there is no major upgrade or design change.

Same with a UX designer profile, a theme created once can be used everywhere but apart from creating a theme for a website, UX designer also works on creating other graphics like e-mailers, logos, ad banners etc.   

Salary comparison for an entry level profile

A UX designer needs to be creative and companies usually hire 2-3 of them, so their salary is almost same as that of a UI developer

Usually companies hire 10% of UX designers and UI designers as compared to the number of UI developers but don’t think their average salary would be more because of more demand. There are a lot of companies from startups to big MNCs who hire UI developers, so their median salary is almost the same as that of a UX designer.

See the salary comparison for an entry level (1-2 years of experience) job profile below, collected from glassdoor

UI developerUI designerUX designer
INR 5.2 to 12lac/annumINR 4.5 to 9 lac/annumINR 3.5 to 12 lac/annum


All profiles are good and there are different ways to grow in each of them. It just depends on your interest. Lot of frontend developers earn more than that of other software developer profiles. You just need to be the best in your field.  

Although you need to learn and update yourself periodically and each of the profiles has their own path to follow. 

If you have any query regarding this or any doubt related to career or profile, you can post your question below in comments or visit here

Happy Learning 🙂

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