Writing FAQs

Why should I write / contribute an article ?

In order to understand better, you should start sharing your knowledge with the community. You yourself got benefit from someone else’s article, blog or tutorial, so it’s time to pay back to the community.
The CS Blog is currently in the growing phase, we promise you lots of benefits and goodies. So join The CS Blog today to become a part of our exciting journey.    

Will I get paid ?

In order to keep up your motivation, The CS Blog will also pay you as per below structure:

If you write :
1 article, you will get INR 100/article
2 articles, you will get INR 125/article
3 articles, you will get INR 150/article
4 articles, you will get INR 175/article
More than 4 articles, you will get INR 200/article.

There is no minimum number of articles you need to write, you will start earning from day 1.

(You will be eligible for payout only if your article gets published)

How much can I earn ?

It will depend upon when you ask for withdraw. Suppose you want to withdraw your payout after publishing of your 2 articles, then you will be paid according to INR 125/article. After that if you write one more article and you want a payout after it gets published then you will receive INR 150 for that article. So the more you write, the more you will get.

What type of articles I can write ?

You can write on any topic as long as it is related to computer science.
You just need to make sure that the article you published is original and not published anywhere else. Our team will check for plagiarism and it would take around 1 week to review the article.
After publishing an article, The CS Blog will have a copyright on that article.

What you will be checking ?

We will check for the content originality, formatting, grammatical mistakes and the quality of content along with its usefulness. So try to add more examples, demo, slideshows, code snippets along with the theory.

How can I withdraw the money ?

You need to mail us at info@thecsblog.com if you want to get a payout.

How do you share my blog ?

Currently we shoot an email every time a blog gets published to our 500+ subscribers, other than that we actively share every post on LinkedIn and Facebook as well.

How many blogs I can write?

You can write as many as many blog you can. There is no upper limit of writing an blog. The more you write, the more benefit you will get.

Any other question ? Feel free to connect with us.

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