Writing guidelines

Reviewing Process:

  • After writing the article, please submit it for review and the status of your article becomes Pending.
  • Our team will review your article and gives you any feedback on an email, if any issue is found.
  • You then need to improve your article according to the given feedback, and again submit the article for review.
  • If we don’t find any issue, then also we will notify via an email and the date on which your article will get published.

How to write an Article ?

  1. Make sure your article is only related to computer science.

  2. Every heading of your post should be in heading3 (h3) and than you can use h4, h5 and h6 under that heading.

  3. Your article should be properly structured.

    It should have a starting introduction, a body where you will be explaining and show any code, demo, slideshow and a conclusion section. Article should be of minimum 300 words, but if your article is well structured along with images or demo then this limitation can be ignored.

  4. Adding a code snippet or demo.

    If you are adding any code snippet, please use github gist, codepen, jsfiddle or any other code sharing site and make the link public and paste that link in the post where you want that code to get displayed.

  5. If you want to add any slideshow, than please use linkedin slideshare and paste the link in your blog.

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